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Benefits Of Aluminum Radiators

Benefits Of Aluminum Radiators

Benefits Of Having An Aluminum Radiator

1. Light Weight

Aluminum offers the advantage of about 30% to 40% less weight. To a racer this is a huge advantage over other copper. Aluminum can also be polished out to a mirror like finish for those concerned with show appearance.

2. Ability To Weld

In the event that you have a crack or leak in a standard radiator, you usually have to replace the unit. But with an aluminum radiator, a technician can weld the cracks and get it back in operable condition. The cost of repairing an aluminum radiator is significantly less than buying a new one.

3. More Durable

Aluminum radiators are pretty durable and resistant to cracking or bending, especially at hot operating temperatures. They last much longer than standard radiators and are more resilient in an accident involving the front end of the car (sometimes).

4. Environmentally Friendly

Want to help reduce waste? Then your next radiator should be Aluminum! Aluminum is a recyclable metal, so it's beneficial for the environment. When it's time to replace your radiator, it can be disposed of at a recycling facility. The material will be melted down and used again to make another radiator or other aluminum-made part. You may have to pay disposal fees of a standard radiator made of steel, copper, brass or other heavy types of material.

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